Wise Sayings about Life and Love For Friends

Checkout latest collection of wise sayings about life from famous writers. You can find free wise quotes, inspirational quotes below to read at free time or share with your friends on social media like facebook or whatsapp.

Wise words are the best ways to take advise free. If you have no work to do then you must have to do for you. Like you can read some wise words so that it can make your life more easy. You can find different solutions of your life problems.

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You have a confidence to solve your problems. With these words you can find two goals in your life which are the most difficult for a normal unguided person. You can find pleasure for you when you solve your problem by yourself. Its a great time when you achieve anything individually. Secondly you can find ways how to avoid from problems.

So read these wise sayings and send to your friends. Because there is no one have time for you to give a boring lecture to you. You have to do your own.

New Wise Sayings About Life Lessons

“Do not be afraid to go slowly, fear only to stop you.”

“A thousand reasons to be afflicted, a thousand reasons to be afraid take hold of the fool day after day, but not
Of the wise”


“The wise man learns from his mistakes,
The wiser man learns from the mistakes of others. “

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“It is the place where the water is deep that it is the most calm.”


“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


“The wise man can discover the world without passing through his door. He sees without looking, accomplishing without acting.”


“Every blade of grass has its share of dew.”


Here are some quotes and proverbs I have collected over the years. Study
Take the time to read and think about it, some can tell the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Do not hesitate to add yours to this list, the one that you “re-crush” morale to help you go a step further in your life.

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“To be human is to love men. To be wise is to know them.”


As long as you can not forgive others for being different from you, you are still far from the path of wisdom.


“If something happens, do not speak of it, water does not collect.”


“The more circumstance will be against you, the stronger your inner strength will be.”


“Wise is he who keeps his calm in misfortune, does not boast in ease, does not show himself cowardly indanger.”


“The wise man does not say what he knows, the fool does not know what he says.”


“Do not regret the past, do not worry about the future: the sage lives in the present.”


“I call wise the one who, innocent as he is, endures insults and blows with patience equal to his strength.”

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“I have lived among the wise men all my life and I have found nothing better for man than silence, the most important is not research but action.”


“To know others is wisdom, to know oneself is superior wisdom, to impose one’s will on others is to force one’s self to impose oneself on oneself.


“Even a branch cut off grows again, even the disappeared moon grows again: the wise man who considers this does not gnaw in adversity.”

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The doors of the future are open to those who know how to push them.


– There is only one way to fail, to give up before you have succeeded!

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