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A lot of options you have to save wedding quotes for your friends but we are providing a best collection of quotes about wedding which you can share with your friends and any of your beloved person.

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we are here to help you to find quotes which can be share to wish a best of luck on anyone wedding. quotes are the best options to give advise to anyone about upcoming future or we can also say alot of words in short form with quotes.

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choosing best quotes to share on friends wedding is not an easy task because there are alot of types of people who want ceremony of wedding in different ways. some of us want more religious and other want to make a huge party on their wedding.

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Husband, ex-lovers, this explains why the marriage was the tomb of your enthusiasm, if not your love. Marriage, by unifying you, saturating the known you, you remade in the monotony, loneliness and emptiness with the need for diversity, variety; hence, the desire in each half old, a new half; according to this biblical aphorism: it is not good for man to be alone.

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so you have to choose words according to the nature of those persons for which you are doing struggle and finding some best wishing  or advising words or their marriage.

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Wedding Quotes For Friends and Family

The disorder marriage of reason, if the nectar is also poison.

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The bond of marriage merges into a joint venture not only the outer life of two members, but the moral life and spiritual life.


Marriage is all the links where it is least possible to get the romantic happiness of the heart. It is necessary to maintain peace in this relationship, a kind of power over oneself, forces, the sacrifices that bring much of this existence pleasures of virtue that enjoyments of passion.

Some More Wedding Quotes

Marriage confused lover and mistress in one character who is the wife.


In fact wedding, youth thinks only satisfy his whim; After four days, she is to regret.


A marriage is not built on empty promises, but on real and serious commitments.


Marriage is a prison that has beautiful that the door through which one enters it.

Marriage is a big, rope tied to better stifle together.

Marriage is consent, mutual donation of hearts.


Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures!


The greatest happiness in marriage depends on so many conveniences that it is a folly to them all together. We must first make sure the most important: when others are there, it will be prevalent; and if they fail, it will be happening.


What is marriage? That is, usually, a sacrament that is worth two: marriage and penance; it is a contradictorily indissoluble link between the body, disunited souls, and dissolved manners; sorry this is a country that foreign visitors and residents flee; it is foolish to two and a galley with three; this is the last rites of love and the tomb of the enthusiasm and the ideal; it’s … it’s … it does not end up! We must admit, however, that marriage is a social good relative compared to cohabitation, in that it provides legal assistance to women and children.

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