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Lovely and awesome wedding quotes for couple are listed below for you to share with those who are  newly married and become a good couple. You can wish the best couple wishes and best of luck for their remaining life which they spend together.

wedding quotes for couple

There are a lot of wishes of couples to get married in some lovely places like in other countries beautiful places. They want to make their marriage ceremony  the most memorable moment of their life. we also know that the most beautiful moment in your life is when you will get married with your lover.

wedding anniversary quotes for couple

As a friend of bridegroom you have to wish them a happy marriage by sharing some cute and lovely words which can show that you are always with them in any part of their life. You will do all possible things to make them happy. Wedding quotes are the best you can say to anyone to share your feelings.

wedding day quotes for couple

Wedding Quotes For Older and New Couples

wedding quotes for young couples


The good marriage is the loving friendship, affection and loyalty, mutual aid in all the trials of life, but he must guard formidable intemperance of passion.

wedding quotes for new couple

Marriage is the reduction potential of two people in a common destiny based on ambiguities where we try to find some grandeur.

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The wedding is to shoot down the walls, rivers to divert, volcanoes to extinguish.


funny wedding quotes for couples

Marriage is loading his heart strings more than it can bear.


A good cleaning is better than a bad marriage.


The marriage contract is a mutual agreement not to love!

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Marriage is the union of two beings that bind to help each other on the road of life.


Marriage gives some very difficult for an uncertain good.


In some marriages money one spouse, name, credit, rarely the person.


The woman in marriage is not man’s servant, she is much less his slave. She is the companion of man, his help, the bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh.


Marriage is the physical and moral union of one man with one woman, who complement each other by uniting, and any infringement of marriage, its unity, its sanctity, is a violation of natural laws, senseless revolt against the Creator, a source of disorder and innumerable evils.


Marriage between two distraught lovers is a contract in the transport fever.

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