Short And Nice Sayings About Friends and Family

  1. A collection of nice sayings about friends and family to share with them through any social media profile or send in into the inbox through mobile. Daily life using sayings for friends are posted for those who want to be in contact with one who love.

An obvious truth can be explained in only some 4 to 5 words by a sayings about friends and lover. It has a lot of meaning in it which can only understand by an intellectual person. So you will definitely understand these sayings and send to your friends.

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If you are looking for to say your feelings and tell her, how much she has importance in your life. Just read some sayings from here which are in different flavors to say at different situations in life. Find some best suitable short sayings for friends and family for your friend and share with your partner.

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Here is the best and most effective sayings are posted and we have updated and unique sayings about friends and also we have a best portion of family sayings to say some wise words to your relatives or friends.

Top Listed Sayings About Friends


What makes friendships indissoluble and double their charm is a feeling that lacks love: certainty.

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Luck is not everything. Everything is built step by step, be it friendships or opportunities.


The pains our friends feel affect us more than we feel.


True friends love you for what you are and not because they want you to be


The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.


Friends are the angels who lift us up when our wings can no longer remember how to fly.


A friend … nothing is more common than the name, nothing is more rare than the thing.


In the hand of a friend, it is necessary to lay down his confidence;


In his soul, his understanding;

On his lips, his smile;

Before her eyes, a rose;

Near him, his presence and his help;

And in his heart the happiness of his friendship.


A friend is the one who sees clearly in you, and who continues to enjoy the spectacle.


I will take, in the eyes of a friend, what is most warm, beautiful, and tender. That one sees only two or three times during a lifetime and that makes that friend is your friend … “

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A friend is someone who knows all about you, and who loves you anyway.


There are people who mark our lives, even if it lasts only a moment.
And we are no longer the same.
Time does not matter but some times have it forever.

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One wonders sometimes if life has a meaning … and then we meet beings who give meaning to life.


A friend is the one who leaves you complete freedom to be yourself.


When you give you perceive more than you give, for you were nothing and you become.


Many people enter and leave our lives, only true friends leave an imprint on our hearts.


A friend is always an alien who allows us to deviate from our journey

Daily to the discovery of an inaccessible elsewhere.

Being someone’s friend means being understood beyond appearances.

He does us justice on every occasion.

It helps us to go, at the risk of getting lost, where our destiny calls us.

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