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Latest Romantic Love Poems With Images

If you are sad think of me, if you feel alone send me a message, if you seek a true friend call me, but if you need love my heart is yours …

love poems for girlfriend

I wanted to send you all my love by SMS but my phone operator said that the file was too bulky … then the current technology simply compels me to tell you I love you


In my life I made a lot of mistake but loving you is by far the best thing I’ve done on earth that feeling that warms me despite this icy climate no matter what happens to me tomorrow I will never stop to love you.


I send you 3 flowers: the 1st for our friendship, the 2nd for fidelity and the 3rd full of bees that will sting you if ever you think to forget me


Without you, for me the earth would no longer be round. For me you are my sun after the storm. You’re my light in the dark. I love you more than anything.


It’s so hard not to see you all this time. Every second that runs out I want you to be by my side.


A sweet kiss on your forehead to wake you up. A gentle touch on your cheeks to make you smile. I love you my dear

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Every time I think of you a star falls from the sky and one day you will not find stars that it is your fault, because I think too much about you.

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Open the window you will find a flower, open this flower you will find my heart and in my heart you will find yourself.


Your absence leaves me a void, your calls fill this void, your smile gives me great pleasure and your beautiful face leaves me a great memory.


In your eyes a tear, on your lips a smile, why so much hypocrisy to tell me that everything is finished?


I would just like to spend a night with you, to be the angel of your sleep, to protect you until awakening, and tenderly soft, open the doors of your heart …


There are not enough words to express how much I miss my heart. You are always present in my heart.

Most Romantic Love Poems


Why I love you …
I dig in my heart for the answer
in the depths of my soul I find,
I will go deep into the earth why I love you … The answer is right in front I in the light of your smile in the charm of your eyes in the sweetness of your touch the answer is right in front of me why I love you … now I know why I love you. My heart beats faster when I see you I feel on cloud nine when I hold your hand I feel walking on a rainbow sky Why I love you … this is not only for these reasons There else I will not tell you the most important is that I love you you are my love I have chosen and you told me yes forever …

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You came into my life
How a light breeze of air,
I quickly tied me to you,
and as soon I have loved you,

In your kisses I succumbed,
without you I can not see me,
When you are far from me,
I feel a lack in me,

from you I have always dreamed of.
I just want to be with you,
me and lay to rest in your arms,
everywhere I go with you,

No matter your destination,
I live in your smile,
I die if you’re sad,
Let nothing between us,

you and me always,
I love you my love.

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