Relationship Quotes For Him From Her

These cute relationship quotes will help you

to describe your love to your beloved. if you have trouble in your relationships you can keep going with these quotes which can express your feelings for anyone in your life.

Relationship Quotes

Relationship Quotes

As any one have interpersonal connections and want to be good with all but not get success. There are hell of reasons why you are not able to satisfy your all relations. Because you can’t run with every one mind. You have your own feelings your own way of love. If someone can understand your feelings then you are the luckiest and unlucky if not.

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Make a good relation with anyone and give respect as they give you. If you’ve any trouble in your relationship just read these relationship quotes and save your all relations with a well managed way. We are providing here a best collection of relationship quotes for him/her.

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List of relationship Quotes Him

Different types of relations need attention according to their needs. Like you need to give love to your family but you can’t love in your business dealing. The closest relation is with yourself. If you not are agree with yourself you can’t do anything perfect in your life.

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“Language structures everything of the inter-human relationship.”


“The relationship with life is ethical, the relationship with literature is aesthetic. I try to link the two. “


“An anger repressed may as well poison a relationship as the most cruel words.”


“Meditation allows us to relate to a wider dimension of self.”


“Believing that everything is private and keeping everything for yourself ends up killing a relationship.”


“God is not an external substance but a moral relationship in us.”


“You never go out unscathed from a relationship that has been a failure.”


“I have to take care of myself. I have never had a quiet relationship “

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“The only way to give meaning to his existence is to elevate his natural relationship with the world to the level of a spiritual relationship.”


“Perhaps it was not enough to stop calling relations with God, or with the gods, the very old relationship between man and the universe, so that it ceased to exist.”


“The Eucharist is not a dessert for wise children, it is a fighting relationship.”


“In any relationship where two people merge into one, the end result is two half-people.”


“You can not have a relationship of friendship with someone you admire.”


“The earth is like love, it requires a human relationship, from individual to individual.”


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“One returns from his youth as from a foreign country. The poem, the book is the relationship of the journey. “


“There is no more adorable, tender and charming relationship than that of a good marriage.”


“To be a mother, you may have to agree to create a new type of relationship with yours.”


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More Relationship Quotes


“I have a complicated relationship with the media. I’m afraid of them, I do not like them too much. “


“Platonic. Platonic love is a totally aberrant denomination of the affective relationship between an ice cube and a flawed one. “


“Leadership is born of a demanding relationship between a leader and his collective work. “


“To participate in the restoration of a work is to develop a privileged relationship with it”


“It is when man is not sure of his relationship with God that there is a relationship with God. Unhappy those who believe they are in relation to him because they certainly are not. “

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