Quotes about Determination and Perseverance

These quotes about determination and perseverance will inspire you to never give up in any situation in your life. Collected from most famous and well known personalities or most read book around the world regarding determination.

These are the things which every person need if he is struggling for anything. As we know success and failure are the parts of our life. We shouldn’t give up when we want to get anything. At some points in life a man gets in trouble and has no solution because his mind fall by the wayside.
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Motivate yourself by reading these quotes about determination to succeed in your life. Getting goals and completing wishes is not an easy task in your life. So come with the complete plan and make it happen . Unfortunately if you are unable to get it, never stop working, keep it up and see results.

You can read these determination quotes when you feel like a looser. When you are feeling you’ve failed to get your goal. These quotes will definitely help you to try again and get your success.

List Of Quotes About Determination


“It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being; It is inversely their social being which determines their consciousness. “


“Abilities are what you can do. Motivation determines what you do. Your attitude determines your degree of success. “

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“In any sport demands determination. The three D. Determination, availability, discipline, and success is at hand. “


“The reason is with regard to the philosopher what grace is with regard to the Christian. Grace determines the Christian to act; Reason determines the philosopher. “


“Who wants to see perfectly clear before deciding is never determined. Who does not accept regret does not accept life. “


“Being (in the sense of everyday existence, as they say) does not determine consciousness, but consciousness determines being.”


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“I’m not optimistic, I’m determined.”


“The truest of wisdom is a firm determination.”


“The man who believes himself to be determined masks his responsibility.”


quotes about determination


“They say that love will find a way. I know the determination will. “


“One word loses the case, a man determines the fate of an empire.”


“Attitude, not external circumstances, determines happiness.”


“The social existence of men determines their thoughts.”


“What ultimately determines opinions are feelings, not intellectual faculties.”


“Capital punishment has never diverted men determined to outrage society.”


“A conqueror is a determined player who takes one million men for chips and the whole world for carpets.”


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“Any obstacle reinforces determination. The one who has set a goal does not change. “


“The domain of freedom begins where the work determined by necessity stops.”


“Truth and order lay together, they make small. The laws, the determinisms. “


“One would blush soon his decisions, if one wished to reflect on the reasons for which one is determined.”



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