Quotes about Health, Wellness and Fitness

You need to undergo from different exercises and practices if you are not healthy . Health is the most important concern to every person. We are here providing the collection of quotes about health and wellness for those who don’t care about their health.

There are many famous quotes on health by different authors. They’d faced different health issues in their lives. “Health is wealth” is most common or famous quotes know by everyone. Wealth can’t give you health but health can give you a lot of money. You can do any type of work in your life if you are a healthy person.

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This post is specially for those who never care about their health. They must need to start some exercise to make them perfect in health. Below is the list of quotes about health and fitness to show you the importance of health in your life.

List Of Quotes About Health

“The best health is not to feel his health.”

Quotes about Health, Wellness and Fitnes


“Being healthy means being able to abuse your health with impunity.”


“O health! Health Blessing of the rich! Wealth of the poor! Who can acquire you at a price too high, since there is no joy in this world without you? “


“The poorest would not exchange his health for money, but the richest would give all his money for health.”


“When we are young, we spend our health to make a fortune … And when we are old we spend our fortune to get health!”

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“In my life I never did anything but work to make myself sick when I enjoyed my health and work to regain my health when I had lost it.”


“Less desires equal more health.”


“Gaiety is half of health.”


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“Happy is he who combines health with intelligence. “


“Who is healthy is rich without knowing it.”


“The poor have health, the ri  ch remedies.”

More Quotes About Health

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“Health is moving, disease does not move.”


“Health is the greatest of goods.”


“Sleep is half of health.”


“Health is a healthy mind in a healthy body.”


“That terrible moral health that ambition gives!”


“Without health, no moral clairvoyance.”


“Two arms and health make the poor easy.”

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