Feeling Proud of You Quotes And Sayings

Proud of quotes and sayings are for every one who is here to be proud of himself and  every ones talents. Are you looking for proud quotes? Here we are providing a list of feeling proud of your quotes to share with those who inspire you with their love. A worker can give you a bundle of benefits then you must need to say some proud of you quotes to encourage him.

One has proud on his behavior, status, and success. Someone has proud on what he did in his life. other has proud what he is doing in his life. Some of them has proud what they are doing for others and they have a big fan community. So we can see there are many point of views of people.

Proud Quotes And Sayings | Feeling Proud of You Quotes

List Of Proud Quotes And Sayings

“I am proud to pay taxes. The only thing is that I could be just as proud with only half the amount. “


“You have to trust women pretty much as you rely on time.”


“Enjoy the present day, without the least trust in the morrow. “


“It is not enough to be con. You have to be proud of it. “


“It is better to trust his courage than fortune.”


“Time is like women. You can not trust it. “


“A bald man is proud of his bonnet, a madman of his strength.”

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“When big sums are at stake, it is better not to trust anyone.”


“A proud spirit can not suffer from being mocked.”


“Proud to have noticed that when a woman fasts, right after she coughs.”


“The man who is proud of his virtue often becomes a scourge for his neighbors.”

More Proud Of You Quotes

Are you really proud on your behavior? how can you do this if you don’t have some below listed abilities in yourself. conscience is the first and most thing if you have. Because without conscience  you can’t do right with others and yourself. absence of conscience can’t give a single chance to have empathy with poor people.

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Do you strive to find good things? Because you can get wrong just before of you but if you want to find truth you must have to do some hard work. Proud on yourself is really true if you are seeking for truth otherwise you are doing wrong.

quotes about being proud of someone you love

“I am proud when I compare myself, humble when I consider myself.”


“I am proud that they compare me to Michel Platini.”


“What an interesting war! One can be proud of civilization! “


Proud Quotes From Famous Personalities


“I am very proud to have saved Jean Carmet from homosexuality”


“In politics one must have convictions, be proud of them, defend them.”


“Seeing the audience go away singing and dancing after a concert while the music is stopped makes me proud. Proud of making them happy. “


“Error is as great to trust everyone as to distrust everyone.”


“It is better to trust a horse without bridle than a speech without order.”






“You can not trust your superiors when you have succeeded where they failed.”

“I am too proud to believe that a man loves me. That would imply that he knows who I am. “


“Advertisement causes people not to trust their judgment; It teaches them to be stupid. “





“One must be proud of her success with women; They

are quite enough to conquer us. “


“It’s not safe to trust a person whose mood is changing.”

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“Knowing how to trust is a very rare quality, and that marks a spirit as high above the common.”


“If you lower your forehead, raise it proud; If he is haughty, let him down by humility. “



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