Love Sayings For Him On His Birthday

Love sayings are posted here for you to share your lovely feelings and thinking about your lover in some unique and short lines. Share these sayings with your lover and make her happy by wishing your lover on her birthday with these true love sayings.

love sayings for him

Love is most respected feeling with your sweetheart. A person who is in love can say a lot of words about it. He can define love in different ways about the love of family love of friends and a love of a special girl. How they effect you all and how you understand these feelings.

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The most effected love could a love of a girl which can ruined or can make you a successful person in whole world. Because when a person in love he just feeling about their lover and just thinking about lover always. He don’t know what he have to do in his life and what is the main purpose of his life.

These are the crazy feelings which can’t feel without a true lover. you can just understand only when you are deeply fallen in love. She must be a special to you who touched your heart for the first time, she touched you soul and mind and you just thinking about her all time.

Latest Love Sayings For Lover


Never change for anyone. Someone who really loves you does not change you, it complements you.


Stop saying “if he loves you he will come back”, because if he loves you he goes away.

love quotes for her

We hurt those who love us and love those who hurt us.


The most beautiful stories are not those lived with passion to lose all the reason


We do not need a fairy tale, we just need someone with whom we are good.

inspirational love quotes

Women would be less jealous if men were more faithful.


Smoking kills. Yes, but not as much as love.


I like to abandon myself in the color of your eyes that make me so happy.


We meet thousands of people and no one touches us, and suddenly we meet a person and our lives are changed forever.


Many people love without saying it and many others are loved without knowing it.


Love is a great word for many people, but for me it is very small because it is not love I have for you, it is something much stronger.

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When you feel alone; Just look at the spaces between your fingers and remember, that mine slipped in perfectly.


Maybe we’ll meet again. Maybe, maybe not. But know that in my heart there will always be that little fire of you that is not extinguished.


Never leave the person you love for the person you please, For whoever you please leaves you for the person he loves.

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