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Want a way to express your love? Here is the collection of beautiful love quotes for him/her to say your beloved or romantic feelings to your lover. Find beautiful, fabulous, awesome quotes for both boyfriend and girlfriend posted here.

A way from interpersonal affection to pleasure is Love. The feeling of love can be defined by a deep affection pushing the person who feels it to seek a closeness with the loved one. Of course, the intensity varies according to each one, that is to say weak, strong or obsessive, and therefore difficult to control.

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If you have a hell strong intensity with someone and always want to be with her. You miss her always and want to tell her she has the most importance in your life, in your happiness or sadness.

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You can say the reason of your love. Share your lovely feelings by these love quotes for him/her because most of the time you want to say some words about specialty of your lover but can’t say because have no words. Don’t know how to say. So these quotes can solve your problem. Make a good collection of these love quotes with images for him/her and send in inbox of your lover.

Some top rated quotes are posting below for you.

List Of Love Quotes For Him

Do you remember our encounters – And this evening of azure, Feverish and tender words, O my beloved, O my love


I am much more in love with Aragon: my wife is the future of man.


Love is also an effort.

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Love is an “I-do-know-what” that comes from “I do not know-where” and ends “I-do-know-how”.


True love: a network of links that makes you become.


I will not tell you the reasons you have for loving me. For you have none. The reason for love is love.


If a person has a true lover in his life. He does not need any wealth or fam. wealth or fam are only the need of selfish persons. These are not necessary for those who have a beloved relation with anyone. The main reason to live is to love someone in your life. Give a lot of love and share your feelings with her. Give happiness to someone like your father, mother, brother or sister.


We do not want wealth. We want peace and love.


Love has such a peculiar character that one can not hide it where it is, nor pretend it where it is not.


One love is not enough. Two loves is too much.


A woman is a specialist in love. A man, a simple generalist.

Do you remember our encounters – And this evening of azure, Feverish and tender words, O my beloved, O my love


You will soon learn that a loved one, my child, is only the occasion of a dream. And this illusion – remember this well – is the only truth of love. Only illusion counts.

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Love is the unique opportunity to mature, to take form, to become a world for the love of the beloved. It is a high demand, an unlimited ambition, that makes the one who loves an elected one that calls the open sea.


To be in love is to see in one or in the one who loves you what one wishes for, and not what one finds there.

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There is no love, there is only proof of love.


Love never develop by chance. Its needs a reason to love anyone. You can’t love anyone in the world if you don’t like anything in him. You may like the voice of your beloved partner, smile of your lover or talking and character of your beloved mate.

More Love Quotes For Him

Nothing is born but of love, and nothing is made but of love; Only one must try to know the different stages of love.


Love is not a fire contained in a soul: – Everything betrays us, the voice, the silence, the eyes – And the badly covered fires break out only better.


They may hide. The most discreet love – Leaves by some mark to escape its secret.


What is love ? This is not sexual arousal. It is the need to find oneself every day in the company of a body which is not his. – In the corner of his eyes. – Within reach of his voice.

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