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You are feeling eagerly to your lover and don’t know whats going on with you and your lover. you just want to be with your partner but don’t know why this happened and why you want to be close with your lover.

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This can be happened when you are loving too much with anyone but unable to explain. When you have some hopes and wishes with someone special but don’t have confidence to share that you are loving so much and want to spend your whole life with him.

You are feeling out of this world because you have your own world with your partner who loves you and cares you more than your expectations and you make your own world which have only some luckiest persons in this world.

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When a good and trusted person loves you then you think everything can be possible and everything you can get easily because you have a trusted partner in your life. A person who loves and never fall you in disappointments and problems. He just take away from your problems and give you a happy life.

New Love Quotes For Him For Special Day

Love is like the wind you can not see it but you feel it.


A scientist said that we do not know the size of the universe. I am not a scientist but I know that my love for you is much greater than the universe.

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True love is not only a carnal contact but a contact of souls, a fusion … And a single being will be born of this union.


All the flowers are not beautiful, but he who loves the rose finds it beautiful whatever his condition. I will love you at all times and in all places. One Of the Best Love Quotes For Him !!


Even if the wind blows to erase everything, you will always remain in my thoughts.

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You can destroy anything you like, it will only open the space of her arms to rebuild everything because I love her to die.


In order not to lose my half I tie you to the rope of my heart for eternity.


Love is gentle, when it is new, but sweeter when it is true.


You know, many say that love kills, that love hurts, that love breaks. But you want me to tell you something? Love is nothing of all that when you share it with the right person. So believe it, believe it even if you see a story that is not eternal, believe there even if it hurts. Because one fine day you will fall upon the person who will make you think and who will prove you the contrary.


Never give up and be able to get up, for love is stronger than anything.

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I met someone by accident, I had not expected it fell on me by surprise and it was love at first sight, she said something I told another and the moment d ‘After I wanted to spend the rest of my life in this conversation.


One wonders sometimes if life has a meaning and then we meet people who give meaning to life.


It is said that life begins at birth, but mine began the day my eyes met yours, that’s when I let go of my first cry, the cry of a baby to meet him the world. I love you with all my heart.

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In front of my eyes dance images, visions of escape and freedom moments of shared passion and where towards the future our faces tense …


Love is a tree without a branch that one should ride with patience and prudence.

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