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Collection of heart touching love images with quotes in hindi for our indian visitors who want to wish and share their feelings in their own hindi language. So we are providing a huge collection of images which are printed with love quotes and can be share with your lover easily .

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Hindi language is the most famous language around the world due to different reasons including use of hindi language in most of the films and dramas. So people want to share their love in their own hindi language so we are here for you to give you a bouquet of images of love with lovely and romantic quotes.

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Quotes are the shortest form of lines and paragraphs and experiences of our honorable seniors in life. there are lot of people who are interested in reading quotes about nature, love, motivational quotes and inspirational quotes.

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Latest Romantic and Love Images with Quotes in hindi


Do you remember our meetings – and this azure evening, Des feverish and tender words, O my darling, my love

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Love is a fire that is extinguished if it is increasing.

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Love is the miracle of civilization.

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Just a very small degree of hope to cause the birth of love.


A little love is like a little wine … Too much of one or the other too much make a sick man.


My loves? I am enamored. I despise. I recovery.


Only a fool would be measured by the god of love, love follows its path with the gods themselves. So why not with me?


All lovers have twelve years, hence the fury of adults.

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Love is blind? What a joke! In a field where everything is looking!


The love of young people in truth is not in their hearts but in their eyes.


What love can do, love dare attempt it.


I’m more in love Aragon: my wife is the future of man.


Love is also an effort.


Love is a “je ne sais quoi” that comes from “I-don’t-know-where” and ends “I-don’t-know-how.”

Some More Love Images With Quotes

True love: a network of links which become.


I will not say the reasons you love me. For thou hast in. The reason to love is love.


We do not want riches. We want peace and love.


Love has such a special character that can hide it where it is not, nor feign it where it is not.


One love, it is not enough. Two loves, is too much.


A woman is a specialist of love. A man, a simple general.

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