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Providing the best humanity quotes or sayings from wise people. Quotes for those who want to the importance of humanity in our whole life. How humanity help us in our life problems? read here

As we all want kind people around us. But no one trying to become a kind a loving with each one without any greed of profit. We just need to change ourselves then we can discuss on humanity.


short islamic humanity quotes


A small but unique collection of quotations about humanity are posted here. we are not providing the hell of material but useless. We choose quotes which have an impact when you read. There is no single quotes which is not able to read. You will enjoy this collection if you have interest in reading about humanity.

Top Rated Humanity Quotes and Sayings

Humility is the water of the soul, and the blossoming of the beautiful flower of the heart.


Be modest, but not too humble, is the mania of idiots.


Indulgence and leniency are the sisters of humility.


love for humanity in islam

Humility, rare among the learned, is even more so among the ignorant.


Humility, virtue whose name we have forgotten today.


To be admitted to Paradise, God places the merits of humility before those of the intellect.


Faction is the humility of people of real talent.


Humility is the antechamber of all perfections.


Man escapes vanity only by falling into pride or humility.


False modesty: The art of splashing by his humility.

More Sayings About Humanity

Here we have a simple talk on humanity for those who always trying to change people or want to make them a good human. Here we will share some humanity quotes which can be share with your friends who don’t believe on humanity power. You can share some top rated humanity stories or sayings with your friends.


To cultivate humility is to cultivate hypocrisy; The humble is not conscious of his humility.


The worst self-love is that which clothed itself in the mantle of humility; But by displaying contempt for wealth, honors, and power, one sometimes betrays the design of making one admire one’s integrity, as others seek to admire their opulence.


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Humility consists in compromising with lies.


To believe sincerely what we are is all the humility, this virtue, so rare and so painful to man.


Humility is the first foundation of Christian perfection.


It takes little to bring to the last degree the humility of the humble and the vanity of the conceited.


There is no solidity in virtue which is not founded on humility.


Be like God is the commandment of humility.


Humility is rich in all that it disdains.


There is no true devotion where Christian humility and charity towards neighbor are not found.

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Humility and wisdom, though ill-dressed, are to be preferred to vanity and ignorance, however richly clothed they may be.


The beauty of the soul is humility

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