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Must checkout our collection of humanity quotes and sayings. We choose best quotes on humanity with full devotion for you from famous and well known writers.

As we all know humanity means helping others, care for other, give importance to others regardless their status of any other factor. Its does not depend on how you help others. it is not important where you do work for others and when you want to help others.

You just need an opportunity to helping others. Find best ways when you can do something for others without your own benefit . The wealth of humanity don’t own to any one. Its the gift by ALLAH to a person who is kind to others.

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So I suggest you to be kind to others if you want people kind to you. Take first step to do good. It will save you from any type of trouble in your life. Here we are providing a list of humanity quotes and best sayings to be kind.

Top Humanity Quotes For Atrocious People

Wisdom is the ripe fruit of a personal education, pursued with constancy and humility.


Humility is a feeling of the imperfection of our being.

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Humility is the counterweight of self-love that seeks to rise.


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Simplicity in clothing is not always a proof of humility; it is in our own actions that we must seek this virtue: when we see a man willingly sacrifice his thoughts to those of others, take advantage of the lights That he should be given and voluntarily made the sacrifice of his own, never speak of his qualities or talents, forget his own merit in order to assert that of others, and refuse himself the praises due to him, Is then that we can say that such a man truly possesses humility.


Humility, which pride despises and regards as baseness, makes all the glory and the true greatness of virtue


True humility is never unknown; It resembles that flower of spring which is found hidden beneath the grass, and which spreads its odor in the distance.


Holy humility, the only virtue that has not been created by man, but by God! You are superior to all that you hide or that you do not know! Celestial ray, you are ready, like earthly light, your brilliance in colors, without having any and you rise invisible to heaven!


Humility is the dress of gala that assumes pride when it is out.


True humility is contentment.


The humility of a woman is a serpent, when she is crushed, she straightens and pricks you.


Charity is never ridiculous, but always sublime. Pity, too, on condition, of course, that it is accompanied by no return satisfying itself, and that it is exercised in all humility.


Simplicity is the perfection of humility.

More Quotes About Humanity


Nothing is more rare than a voluntary humiliation which leads only to humility.


Modesty, that amiable doubt of her merit, is in nature as well as self-love, but humility is only a penance which religion imposes on pride.


Respect for oneself is the modesty of character, the preservation of morality, the essence of personal nobility, the guardian of virtues, it is the letter of credence among men, if humility is the passport of the Sky; This is the basis of law; It is the condition of authority and esteem, of solid friendship, and even of lasting love.


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Innate humility can never remain hidden, yet its owner does not know its existence.


Humility is a shield of pride, and withdrawal prevents failure.

You can support to humanity in different ways. Like prepare a speech and deliver it in a best way in your college or school events. Post some humanity quotes on your social media profile. Make a special page regarding humanity quotes and share with all. Because the only reason of scuffle between humans is the lack of humanity.

Ignorance is convenient, ignorant of timidity, discretion, and humility.

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The proud have taught me humility, the impatient have taught me slowness.


Nothing is more capable of attracting the esteem and approbation of men than a great merit, accompanied by humility and modesty.


May modesty and humility accompany all your actions.


False humility is but the most subtle disguise of pride.


There is a humility which is only hypocrisy, and a continual lie.


From earth to heaven is measured the distance that separates modesty from humility.


The hypocrisy that deceives most is that hidden under the mask of humility.

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