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Happy new year love quotes list is posted here for your lover. These days are have the special moments when you can share your lovely feelings and do some memorable activities on these special days.

We are providing the list of quotes for those who are not with their loved ones but want to wish them a happy new year. sending love quotes on happy new year have a lot of benefits for you and your lover. Your lover can save your words in his inbox and can read at any time whenever she or he miss you.

happy new year love quotes 2017

You can also read those messages from your mobile and remind your memories when you share your feelings with these lovely words.

We are also providing some cute happy new year images with quotes for you to share on your social media profiles like facebook , whatsapp and any other social media profile to wish happy new year to all your friends.

Top Happy New Year Love Quotes For Lover


*Love? You’re in good company (e): o)
A great health? You have a concrete form!
Friends for life? Everybody loves you.
So the only thing I can wish …
That is you continue this strong momentum !!!
Happy New Year my friend) !


That the road to 2017 is dotted with bursts of joy, petals pleasure, it is lit by the spark of love and the glow of friendship.
Happy New Year !

happy new year love quotes and sayings

A zest for success
an unexpected hint
A hint of humor
All washed down with happiness and love!
2016 will be an unforgettable flavor …
Best Wishes!

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Saying “yes” to happiness
say “no” to the moody,
say “may be” in the future,
saying “I will not forget you” memories,
say “goodbye” to stress,
say “why not” to laziness,
say “I understand” error,
say “never again” value judgments,
say ‘sorry’ to the sentence,
say “bye bye” to hate,
say “thank goodness you’re here” in humor,
say “forever” to love,
say “stay here” to envy,
say “I love you” to life!


Smiles to dispel sadness,
Audacity, so that things never remain in place,
De confidence, to clear doubts,
the delicacies to munch and enjoy life,
From comfort to soften day difficult,
de generosity to feed the pleasure of sharing,
sky arches, to color dark thoughts,
Courage, to keep moving forward!


Here is the 2017 menu:
joy cocktail and appetizers surprises,
Cream of friendship and healthy sandwiches,
love filet with sweet madness sauce,
Buche harmony and sweets tenderness 100% …


My love … In 2017,
my hands clap your exploits
My eyes devour the look you
blush My cheeks joy of
my mouth be close your lips
My heart will beat for you.
I love you !


That 2017 is your year,
May happiness be your ally,
that smile be your guest,
and that joy beautify your days.
I wish you a wonderful year!

More Happy New Year Love Quotes

I wish that 2017 be for you:
The year of Love
To fully live each day
Year of Tolerance,
to give everyone a chance
Year of Laughing,
Fun for all, even the worst
year of Atonement,
to erase the pain and move forward
year of Generosity
to share happiness
Best wishes!

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In a year, every moment counts …
So I wish you:
– 1 year of Glee
– 12 months of Pleasure
– 52 weeks of Welfare
– 366 days of Chance
– 8784 hours of Success
– 527,040 minutes of Love
– for a total of 31,602,400 seconds of happiness!
Excellent year!

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