Funny Sayings on Life, Love and Happiness

Best and very Funny sayings on life are pretty exciting, sweet and good to read, share with your friends on facebook or whatsapp to spread smile with your community or friends.

We will discuss here about some old memories which make you happy when you remind them and we have some talk about life and time. Discuss about the importance of good friends in our life or some loving relations.

As we all know life is going on without any pausing or stopping its the nature of time it never stops. So we have to occupy the nature of living and go with time. we change our self with the change of time. Funny moments are also the part of our life and they always make us smile whenever we remember our fun with friends or our family.

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All of us have some old memories which can be sad, bad, good or best. we must have to make our each time best by doing some good activities like spending time with our friends who care you always and never hurts you in his life.

We are posting here very funny sayings on life for those who always worried about their life and have no goal in their life. these funny sayings on life are also for those who want to get knowledge about life changes.

Top Funny Sayings on Life

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure of the old. – Albert Einstein

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Life is a zoo in a jungle. – Peter De Vries


It’s annoying to be disapproved of by people who know only half the story – especially when you’re not sure, half of which they know. – Robert Brault


Ability is what you will get to the top if the boss has no daughter. – Author Unknown


A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. – Fred Allen


Life does not imitate art, it imitates bad television. – Woody Allen


A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but does not. – Author Unknown


Love your enemies. He makes them so damned mad. – PD East

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May those who love us love us and those who do not love us, may God turn their hearts, and if he can not turn their heart, can he turn their ankles, that we know the By their box. – The Irish prayer


Bird way of the future, but the second mouse gets the cheese. – Author Unknown


A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him. – Sir Winston Churchill


Protect me from knowing what I do not need to know. Protect me from even knowing that there are things to know that I do not know. Protect me from knowing that I decided not to know the things I decided not to know. Amen. – Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless


Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he’ll believe you. Tell him a bench has fresh paint on it and he’ll have to touch to be sure. – Murphy’s Law


If you wonder where your child left his roller skates, try walking around the house in the dark. – Leopold Fechtner

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Silver Wedding, sonny my little joke of a rich man is always funny. – Hebrew Proverb


Love is so confusing – you tell a girl she looks great and what’s the first thing to do? Turn off the lights! – Robert Orben


love is to suffer. To avoid suffering it is not necessary to love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, for love, it is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is love. To be happy, it is then to suffer. But suffering makes us unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer too much happiness. I hope you get that low. – Woody Allen

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I am a woman of wonderful household. Every time I leave a man I keep his house. – Zsa Zsa Gabor

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