Funny Quotes About Love and Life Lessons

Are you bored at your work and want something funny or stupid which can amuse you and increase your energy. Funny quotes about love and life are the best choices to read at that time. Browse free keep smiling quotes from here to read or share with your friends.

funny quotes about love

Sometime we have no time to watch funny movies or short funny clips to entertain ourselves. Now there is only one option is to read some quotes with funny pictures and most funny quotes about life which will make you smile or laughing.

Laughing therapy is really informative or useful for those who have lost their smile due to life problems and always have stress on their mind. There are a lot of things to do which can remove your stress and make you a powerful man to deal with any situation.

Top Funny Quotes To Make You Smile

Apart from the monkeys, all animals refuse to make love face to face. They must feel that the back is wrinkling less quickly than the face.

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I am sometimes too enthusiastic. I start like a racehorse and I come like a donkey.


Never judge people on their dating. See, Judas, for instance, he had irreproachable friends.


It is when one is right that it is difficult to prove that one is not wrong.


Its the weekend and you are alone at home. You need to do some funny for the sake of enjoyment on your weekend. There may be a lot of option to entertain yourself but the most effected or free method is to read some funny jokes, hilarious sayings about life, funny quotes about love, or romance.

funny quotes with pictures


It was not with his modem that he managed to reconnect with the French.


It is better to be naked in a masterpiece than dressed in a turnip.


I would offer you a parachute if I was sure it would not open.


It seems that the inventor of the cedilla is a certain Grocon.

funny quotes about life

It floats, it hesitates, in a word, it is woman.


Celebrity brought me a big advantage: women who tell me no are more beautiful than before.


A traitor is a politician who leaves his party to join another. On the other hand, a convert is a politician who leaves his party to register with yours.


Humans are the only animals I really fear.


Why contradict a woman? It is so much easier to wait for her to change her mind.


A woman who thinks herself intelligent claims the same rights as man. An intelligent woman renounces



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Never make your life so silly due to hard situations. Just refresh your mind and make your wishes true. There are more motivational or inspirational quotes are also provided here.


When you trust confidence, you become confident.


Two things are endless: the universe and human stupidity. As for the universe, I have not acquired absolute certainty.


If you want your wife to listen to what you say, tell another woman.


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