Funny Quotes Do More Than Just Entertain

There are many funny quotes that people find amusing and appropriate in many different scenarios. These quotes are often used in the workplace, around the water cooler and at parties in response to a specific situation that mirrors the original reason for the quote.

Many humorous quotes are filled with sarcasm and are intended to have a bit of a bite. They usually point out the ignorance or lack of intelligence in a particular statement.

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

seems to suggest that since two halves equal one whole that being scared half to death twice means that you would in fact be dead. Although the statement being scared half to death is meant to infer the meaning

“being really scared”,

the associated quote implies that you are truly half dead after having been frightened.

There are many funny quotes that although meant to be humorous, often have deeper meaning when further analyzed. As quoted by A. Whitney Brown,

“our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.”

highlights the fact that many high school students don’t know where Kuwait is on the map. This suggests that perhaps our educational system isn’t up to par. Although spoken in a sarcastic tone, the underlying meaning is clear and is meant to provoke thought in the listener.

Funny quotes

Sometimes funny quotes are used to make light of difficult circumstances. Aldous Huxley personified this in his quote,

“maybe this world is another planets hell.”

This famous quote clearly implies that Mr. Huxley was having difficulties at the time he created it. It would appear that he approached his difficulties with humor and persistence.

Some funny quotes are telling about societal norms and what is considered socially acceptable. Elaine Boosler exemplified this in her quote,

“I’ve never been married, but I tell people Im divorced so they wont think something is wrong with me.

This quote speaks to the general acceptance of divorce in today’s society. Although widely shunned in recent years, it has become such commonplace that those who haven’t been divorced are considered odd or lucky.

Still other funny quotes have political meaning and are meant to provoke passion in people so that they will always strive to improve government and the human condition. In the famous quote by Aesop,

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

highlights the public discourse with government and the belief that politicians are dishonest.

Although funny quotes can be humorous and make us laugh, there is often a hidden meaning that shouldn’t be missed. By delving deeper, we often see that a statement made with the intention of being silly or humorous offers more insight than previously thought. This deeper meaning should provoke thought and action when necessary to further improve our world. Its through this deeper meaning that we come to a clear understanding of how people think and what drives them to act in the ways that they do.

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