Funny Father Daughter Quotes and Sayings

A smart collection of funny father daughter quotes to make your daughter smile when you don’t have anything to give to your daughter. You can share these special father daughter sayings to your daughter and make her smile.

Here we will share some quotes which will show you how father and daughter love each other. And we will share most famous sayings which are about father and daughter relation. A collection of funny quotes about father daughter relation are also provided here.

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So come to the point. Below is the collection of most funny father daughter quotes which will make your daughter laughing and take you both in a happy environment. You can’t buy happiness but you can get happiness when anyone in the world is happy because of you.

List Of Funny Father Daughter Quotes

“A father has two lives: his and his son’s.”


“If you are patient on a day of anger, you will escape a hundred days of grief.”


“From the rich and prosperous opulent

Everyone’s cousin and parent.”


“A miserly father, prodigal son.”

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“The sage expects nothing, hopes for nothing; He therefore avoids disappointments and any occasion for murmuring and disturbance. “

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“Our fathers had a Paris stone, our sons will have a Paris of plaster.”


“Anxiety: Selfish thinking of hoping not to hurt.”


“Catholic by mother, Muslim by my father, a little Jewish by my son … and atheist thanks to God.”


“The buckwheat porridge is our mother, the rye bread is our father.”


“Every father on whom his son raises his hand is guilty: to have made a son who raises his hand on him.”


“Father and mother owe everything to the child. The child owes them nothing. “


“The two Dumas overthrew the proverb: the father was prodigal and the son was miserly.”


“Hope means having expectations when the situation is otherwise desperate.”


All of us have family relations which can’t altered by anyone. We have same mother and father,our brothers and sisters. So we must have to adjust with these relations to make a good life. Family relations are the most important relations. If you know the worth of these fabulous relations. The most lovely relation among all family relations is the father and daughter relations. There is no alternative of good father to a daughter and good daughter to a father.



“The world is only a perennial branch.”


“When one desires, one surrenders at discretion to whom one hopes.”


“A true king is neither husband nor father.”

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“One does not hope in love; We take it and we see it. “


“Only the father does not envy his son’s talent.”


“May the figure of the goodness of Santa Claus remind you of the figure of Love of the Father in Heaven.”

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