Funny Christmas Quotes Sayings and Poems

Want to get a good laugh? checkout these funny Christmas quotes sayings and poems for your lover, friends and family members. Just share these quotes on your profile and make smile on your followers faces on special day of Christmas.

Want to make more fun on Christmas to make it more entertaining and joyful. We are here to help you to give you best ideas how you can make a great fun with those who are not with you and they are far away from you within other countries and different places in your own country.

funny christmas quotes about family

If we are with our loved one we can just make a funny drama and enjoy our  lovely day. But you can wish with some very funny Christmas quotes saying and poems with your relatives or partners to show your love for them.

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You can make a smile on your loved ones faces by sharing some funny Christmas quotes in inbox or on your own social media profiles.

Most Funny Christmas Quotes Sayings For Loved One

funny christmas quotes and sayings

Christmas in Spain, Easter with beach towels.


The fact that the world is populated by morons allows each of us not to get noticed.

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There is no point to run if we do not hurry and there is no point to walk if you’re not fucking stand.


When a man and woman are married, they do not form one. The difficulty is deciding which …

funny christmas quotes for friends

Who steals an ox’s really muscular.


I pity you empty glass,
glass full, I empty you.


The study has never killed nobody so why risk being the first victim?


When the man’s best friend is a dog, this dog has a big problem.


Do not tell me that the problem is difficult. If it was easy, it would not be a problem.


To those who understand, no words are necessary.


The truth comes from children’s coat.


Rain in November, Christmas in December


Drinking and driving is not good! Must drink from the bottle.


Giving is giving. Repaint the shutters.


A man full of vice finished a day or another in escrow. Marc Escayrol


My right foot is jealous of my left foot, when one ahead the other wants to overtake, and I like an idiot I walk.


Death is the cessation of the heart, love is arsehole!


Your future depends on your dreams. Do not waste time, go to bed.


You can always find more con than oneself. Look at me !


Should we reassess the astro-mythological speculation Freud in his structuralist approach fliessienne psychosomatic … answer: “ah, it depends.”


If the cat is no longer on granny is that it is cold!

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Extremists should be shot.


Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today to another.


A mistake can become accurate. Just as one who committed was wrong.

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