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Here is the list of friendship quotes with lovely images for you to share with your friends on facebook or whatsapp. Direct send these quotes on mobile to your best friends.

Those are the really wonderful moments when you are with your friends. A time has meaning which spends with friends and it gives you special memories to make you happy. Friends who living together really enjoyed their life and each moment of their life.

But a huge number of people who are not with their friends due to their present or future problems. some of them go abroad for studying or doing job and some are getting busy in their life and have no time to meet with any person.

So we are here for you if you are true friend of anyone or miss them when you are alone. you can share your lovely feelings or memories with these friendship quotes which are given below.

You can remind them with a past pictures of you and your friends with a best lovely friendship quotes which can describe your words easily.

Heart Touching Friendship Quotes With Images

It is with friendship as with purity; The slightest stain is sufficient to disturb its transparency.

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Love is not necessarily a reciprocal feeling. On the contrary, friendship, it seems to me, always requires reciprocity. “I can not be the friend of someone who is not my friend.”


We do not learn love. It exists. Friendship is no more learned.


Friendship is the likeness of souls.


Only the distance of a kiss separates love from friendship.


One day love asks friendship: “why do you exist?” – and friendship answers him: “to dry the tears you shed.”

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Friendship is a soul in two bodies.

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Love can do without esteem, not friendship.


Friendship doubles the joys and halves the penalties.


Friendship wounds are inconsolable.


Friendship is love without wings.


I know how to make friendship better than love.


It is good to treat friendship like wines and be wary of mixtures.


Friendship ends sometimes in love, but rarely love in friendship.


Friendship without confidence is a flower without perfume.

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Small gifts maintain friendship; The great keep love.


What I like most about my friends: friendship.

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Friendship lives silent, love dies.


Friendship is a very fragile little flower; It should not be put into all hands.


Friendship goes around the world and invites us all to wake up for a happy life.

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