Famous Sayings About Life Experience

Checkout famous sayings about life and its experiences, problems and other situations. Just read and share with your friends to help out with these special words.

Sayings play an important role in our life. sometime these famous sayings guide us whenever we are unable to take any decision about our life. In life we face very critical situations and sometime we give up and have no courage to go ahead in life. In these situations and problems we can take a simple opinion from our experienced persons who had shared their experience about life.
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A lot of types of sayings like motivational, inspirational and funny saying to make happy. We are here providing famous sayings about life experiences for boys, girls, young or old ages who have problems in their life.

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We are also sharing some very funny famous sayings to change your mood when your mind is fully stressed. So you can read or share these famous sayings with your friends to make them happy.

Life is so simple but not easy to live in this world due to hell of work. So i want to say that you must have to give some time to yourself which is specially for you. you can spend that time with your friends, family or reading books to improve your knowledge.

You will like our collection of most famous sayings about life when you read all. Below we are posting sayings about life.

Top Most Famous Sayings about Life Problems

There is no absolute despotism; it is only relative; One man would not be able to absorb another with impunity. If a sultan makes heads cut off at his whim, he also fatally loses his own.

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A ministerial correspondence is an arsenal where there are two-edged weapons.


The heart of a statesman must be in his head.


Such is the enigma of certain actions in certain people: the inequality between character and spirit. She explains everything.


When one knows one’s moral evil, one must know how to care for one’s soul as one cares for one’s arm or leg.


You can not pretend to be courageous.


It is a great and holy mission, worthy to excite the ambition of men, that which consists in appeasing hatred, in curing wounds, in calming the sufferings of humanity by bringing together the citizens of the same Countries in a common interest and accelerating a future that civilization must bring sooner or later.


Soldiers, how many times have I regretted seeing soldiers and non-commissioned officers returning to their homes without reward, though by the length of their service, by wounds, by actions worthy of praise, they deserved a testimony Of satisfaction of the fatherland! [. ..] It was to grant them to them that I instituted this medal. ..]. She will insure 100 francs of life annuity; It is little, certainly; But what is much is the ribbon that you will carry on your breast and tell your comrades, your families, your fellow citizens that the one who carries it is a brave.


The crowd contemplating me with admiration would see me in the same manner ascend to the scaffold.


The abuse of property must be repressed whenever it harms society; It is thus prevented from sawing green corn, from tearing up the renowned vines.

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A fool is only annoyed, a pedant is unbearable.

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A curious book would be one where there would be no lies.


Great writers are esteemed shoemakers.


I did not spend a day without loving you; I did not spend a night without hugging you; I did not take a cup of tea without cursing the glory and ambition that keep me away from the soul of my life. In the midst of business, at the head of the troops, as I traverse the camps, my adorable Josephine is alone in my heart, occupies my mind, absorbs my thoughts.


I wake up full of you. Your portrait and the remembrance of the intoxicating evening of yesterday have left no rest to my senses.


I hope soon, my sweet friend, to be in your arms. I love you to the fury and I burn to be in your arms.


The fool has a great advantage over the man of wit: he is always content with himself.


If it is necessary to be a party, to be the one who triumphs, it is better to be eater than eaten.


Courage is like love, it wants hope for food.


It is better to finish all of a sudden than to put the sword and be every day to begin again.

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