Famous December Quotes and Sayings For Lover

Here you will find a collection of December quotes and sayings which can be used to send to your lover. December quotes for your lover and friends are listed below. You can find easily the  best quotes for you and send it to your friends by any social media profile.
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Send these quotes to your lover when you are alone and want to be with your partner who can change your mood and make you smile. If you are missing your past life which you spend with your lover and now you are far away from your lover. Just browse these awesome lovely December quotes from here and share with your lover.

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Welcome December quotes are also posted here which is the need of those who want to share their feelings with their beloved persons at the start of December. We can also say December is a cold month and most of the couples enjoy holidays of December by visiting some lovely places.

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Share your old memories of December on your profile with a lot of loving December quotes and tell your lover you always miss her or want to be with her for every time.

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Good bye December quotes are added to say good bye to December which makes your memories and remind you your past memories with cold and romantic weather. It reminds you about your lover when you are with her in this lovely and romantic weather.


December Blessings quotes And Sayings

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,

The gladness of Christmas give you hope,

The warmth of Christmas grant you love.


Yet sadness in Ireland is what dies last.


Embarking in sadness is like slipping in roller skates along a slope: it is impossible to predict how long the descent will last, but we know perfectly that everything will stop at once.


I feel as if I am tired of misfortune. I feel as old as my sadness.


We are the heirs of a great nation. At Verdun, one man in four fell out of the trench. Do not apologize for having heroes! Our duty is to respect them and reflect on what their destiny was. In front of their lives broken for our freedom, I feel gratitude and sadness.


Hitler smiled, and in that smile there was all the condescension of the divinity, which went down to the level of men to signify them with sad sadness: “No, I do not blame you for being only what you are, I forgive you.”


I certainly do not believe that anyone can understand the sadness that inhabits my soul, I smile, I laugh like everyone else, but each smile is another tear that is concentrated in my soul until these pearls Bitterness on these pages where they remain.


Jimmy felt sadness take root in him, snuggle up in his bowels like a cozy nest, and this time he did not even want to leave her, because part of him had already understood that this was useless.


Do not fear my little sadness, it is the vivid trace that something beautiful existed.


Tell him that some evenings I do not want to go home because of all the sadness that sticks to the walls


She told herself that with the years he would eventually heal, his wounds would fade, but the more he spoke. The less he healed. She realized that he was enjoying it, stronger than sadness and bitterness.

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