Cowardice Quotes Sayings With Images

Are you completely paralyzed by your cowardice? Here we are providing the list of cowardice quotes for those who have useless fear in their minds. So they are unable to do anything. they can’t do their important work in their life which are necessary in their life.

Here we will discuss about how you can get rid from your cowardice and depression and become a successful action taker in your life. Coward people don’t have courage to take action while they are facing problems. So make your mind free from these unnecessary fears and depression.

cowardice quotes

When you can’t take action in your life success will never find by you. So you may become more and more coward. You may feel your heart is heavy and you have a tired mind. You can never acquire it as you need it. So its not a small problem for you. It may ruined your success as well as your life.

List Of Cowardice Quotes

You must have to think positive about yourself and never ignore your confidence. No matter how strong it is but you have. Think about your problems and make a mind that only you’ve to solve this. No one here to help you to solve your life problems. These type of tips and cowardice quotes can help you.

quotes about cowards and lying


“A fanatic never releases his weapon, whether loaded or not.”


“Friendship is first of all to be loose: you have to shut your mouth constantly.”


“The difference between a courageous man and a coward is very simple. It’s a matter of love. A coward loves each other … a coward only cares about his own body and he loves it more than anything. A brave man loves others first and himself last. “


“When you’re a coward, you have to be cowardly to the end.”


“Reflection makes us cowards.”


“Many would be cowards if they had the courage.”


“Coward: an individual whose conservation instinct acts normally.”


“Of the fighting, only the cowards move away.”


“Alcohol is our worst enemy, fleeing would be cowardly!”


“The coward fears death, and that is all he fears. “


“Cowards were taken for brave who feared to flee. “


“The critic who produced nothing is a coward.”


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“All wholesale judgments are cowardly and imperfect.”


“Sincerity is sometimes an audacity of great merit, sometimes cowardly facility.”


“The most cowardly of the assassins is the one who has remorse.”


Cowardice Quotes Sayings With Images

“Do not hold the leopard’s tail. But if you hold it, do not let it go. “


“When you give your hand to God, it does not let go so easily.”

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“The more small and rare the pleasures, the less one resigns to letting them go.”


“Only prayer can come out of tears that are not cowardly.”


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