Christmas Quotes For Cards With Love To Parents

  1. checkout our special Christmas collection of Christmas quotes for cards with love for your parents and your lovely friends. Wish by these quotes about Christmas on special day to share or express your feelings.

Christmas is one of the most famous event around the world. These are the special moments when you can share your lovely feelings with your friends or lover. You can easily express your love by sharing some Christmas quotes on cards with love poems.

christmas quotes about parents
We are providing the best collection of Christmas quotes for cards which can be used to print on cards and give as a gift to anyone. Give gifts to those who cares you and love you always so that you can share your love by giving gifts and show that you are also willing to care them and never want to loose them.

christmas quotes for bereaved parents

Choose quotes which can express you easily which not get into confusion to your lover. We are providing cute Christmas quotes for lovers to share on this day.

We are also posting quotes for parents becuase parents are the most important part or most important relation in anyone’s life.

Christmas quotes for cards

Top Lovely Christmas Quotes For Cards

I was glad to not believe in Santa Claus. As my dad: make vows in one hand, spit in the other, you will see which of the two fills first.

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I would write to you, I do not know where. Children who send their letters to Father Christmas mark on the envelope Heaven.


– What are you doing for Christmas? – I take two kilos.


Because Christmas without Dad, it’s not Christmas. No one can replace a dad. No one.


The Santa Claus figure kindness remind you the figure of love of the Father in Heaven.


Young villagers left picking up branches to the church before dawn this morning. They came back with more twigs in their hair and in their baskets. I foresee a great baby arrival for next Christmas.


And an ant stood before me. An extraordinarily large ant. She smiled gently. As Santa. A Santa Claus who should have eaten biscuits hashish.


The design is nothing, it is Christmas gifts.

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What matters at Christmas, not to decorate the tree is to be put together.


When adults kill the myth of the existence of Santa Claus, he forgets the miracle of true sharing that exists in the heart of the child.



Why so many gifts? The floor is littered with wrapping paper, empty boxes, gilt paper, curling ribbon loops. Fir flashes. In one corner, a few boxes wrapped were not open. .. Forgotten? They were sick children open their gifts. There were too. We are spoiled and overfed children at Christmas will open more their gifts.


They were sick children open their gifts. There were too. We are spoiled and overfed children at Christmas will open more their gifts.


Silent night, sleepless night, It’s Christmas today, He, in the cold and wind, Whereas since the dawn of time, to give us his dream a little paradise. At Christmas.

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