Christmas Messages For Friends and Family on Facebook

Checkout our collection of Christmas Messages For Friends and for your lover. You can also get messages about Christmas for your family to send on this special day. Free list of lovely Christmas sms is posted here.You an easily share with your lovesr and friends.

Christmas Messages with images are provided to update your status of your social media account like facebook and whats app on the occasion of Christmas.

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These are the special days when you have a get together with your family and spend a good time. you can get rid from your busy life and have some beautiful moments in your life by spending your day with those who loves you and care for you always.

No doubt hard work is most important in your life but it does’t mean you forget about your relations and just doing work in your whole day and night. You can lose your relations by doing this and no one can take back to these relations if once break.

Share this best collection of christmas messages for family and friends with them so that you can show that you never forget about your relations.

Collection of Love Christmas messages For Family.

“Merry Christmas to all! May the spirit of Christmas shine in your homes and in your hearts!”


“For this day of Christmas, that joy, magic, happiness flood your home and fill you with wonders.” Merry Christmas “

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“May this Christmas day bring you all the magic and the happiness it contains … I wish you the most magical Christmas”.


“It’s Christmas … Share moments of joy with your loved ones and cover with love those you love! It’s the day when you have to believe in magic and joy!” Merry Christmas to all “


“Let this holiday period allow you to find yours and discover beautiful surprises”.


“For Christmas, I already attack my resolutions: to wish a merry Christmas in due time to all those who count a lot for me!”

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“Enjoy your families at such a warm Christmas time. We look forward to you and wish you a very happy holiday


Merry Christmas to you and your family, that poetry of this sweet Christmas night offers Dear Santa: shared family happiness and tenderness your friends.


One can experience such joy in giving pleasure to someone whom one wishes to thank him for. (Henry de Montherlant)


May this Christmas be the best, brings you a present cheerfulness and tenderness, joy and gladness.


What counts at Christmas is not to decorate the fir tree, it is to be all together. (Kevin Bright)


He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it at the foot of a tree. (Roy L. Smith)


To prepare a Christmas tree, you need three things – besides ornaments and tree, the faith in the beautiful days to come. (Zahrad)


It’s Christmas: it is high time to rekindle the stars. (Guillaume Apollinaire)


It is good when Christmas comes to rethink all those who make our life more beautiful and send their wishes for extraordinary holidays and a happy new year.


Let your Christmas be illuminated by the smiles of those you love and let their laughter echo with joy in the heart of the festivities.

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Merry Christmas to your family and friends. We wish you a pleasant holiday season. Happy holidays and every day of the new year ahead to be one of a wonderful poem called “Happy New Year 2017


It is Christmas, it is the feast of the turkeys, so I thought of you, merry christmas my little sister darling, whom I love to annoy


Christmas is coming, christmas is coming, so let’s be in a festive mood! Last night, I dreamed that an angel was looking at me and protecting me. But I soon realized that theangel was you. With all my love for Christmas! Merry Christmas, my little husband.

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