Anniversary Quotes For Husband From the Heart

To wish you husband at anniversary day you can use these anniversary quotes. You can make your own collection of these best quotes about anniversary to wish a happy anniversary to your husband.

These quotes are mostly from authors, big film starts, most riches persons of the world or some more people who have a best skill to manage words. Quotes can only make by those who can tell their whole purpose in few words. Like they never say a paragraph of two hundred words they just give an advise in 5 to 10 words.

You can inspire you by discovering all these quotes in your collection or make bouquet like collection of quotes. Wish anniversary by using these quotes to your husband, lover, any person in your life who loves you.
anniversary poems for husband

Best Anniversary Quotes For Lovely Husband

No birthday , how to know that we exist and that time is running out?

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What consoles me to blow my sixtieth candle soon is that in sexagenarian, there is sex.


One begins to realize that one ages when the weight of the candles exceeds that of the cake.


The age is when the candles start to cost more than the cake.

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its the best image with anniversary quotes and include a prayer in it. Share these type of images with your lovely relations which have famous quotes.

A good husband never remembers the age of his wife, but his birthday, always.


If he forgets to wish me my birthday, it is because he does not see me growing old.


Even the most cons have their day of glory: their birthday.


Anniversaries are only worth if they are bridges to the future.


A diplomat is a man who never forgets his wife’s birthday, but forgets the age of his wife.


All art resides in becoming adult without becoming old.


One becomes old when regret supplants dreams.


Youth is a gift from nature. But old age is an art.


To live from old days, nothing beats a bad memory.

Here is the list of famous quotes which can be share on anniversary of your friends, brother ,sister or your own husband or wife. You can wish in a unique way by sharing a great quotes of anniversary and a quotes of advise about your relationship.

Happy Anniversary

Old age adds nothing less than being a piece of cheese.


anniversary quotes for boyfriend

Who keeps his childlike soul never grows old.

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The older you become, the more important it is not to behave according to your age.


I have a deep respect for the dates of birthdays, These doors that time has around us, To open our hearts for a moment to its mysteries, And allow the past to travel to us.

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