Anniversary Quotes for Him And Her From the Heart

Send some spiritual anniversary quotes to your relatives on the occasion of their anniversary day. Don’t limited to say only happy anniversary, there are a lot of ways I’ve shared here to wish happy anniversary to your beloved one.

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Most of the time we spend to find some best quotations. you want to find quotations which can express your true feelings. you can show your love for them with your quotes. So we are here for helping you to give you anniversary quotes for him and her.

Choose the best which suits with their personality and choose the appropriate quotes for your beloved relative.

Wish by a card and place some loving words on it. Because if you choose a beautiful card to wish him but don’t have special loving words in it. Its not the best combination i think. So you have to prepare a card with full devotion and present with a unique way. That’s all you give a reason to be happy to your partner.


Famous Anniversary Quotes For Lover

Not being an anarchist at sixteen is lacking in heart. Being still at forty is a lack of judgment.

anniversary quotes for husband

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Age is only for horses.


I have a trick to remember for life the birthday of his wife: just forget it once!


The best surprise that can be done to his wife for his birthday is to remember.


In twenty years , the Paris is lovely; in thirty years , irresistible; At forty, charming. After forty years ? A Parisian does not exceed forty years.


Everything that is exquisite ripens slowly.

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When you’re twenty, you’re an incendiary, but after the quarantine, you become a firefighter.

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No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age.


Old age is the time when birthdays are no longer feasts.

At old age you don’t have more reasons of entertainment or celebration. If you have a time to celebrate you never have to lose it. You need to wish happy anniversary to your loving husband and have pleasant environment around you.

At twenty years the child deforms women, at thirty he preserves them and I believe that at forty he rejuvenates them.


When you are twenty years old, you think you have solved the enigma of the world; At thirty, one starts to reflect on it and at forty, one discovers that it is insoluble.


When a woman admits her age, it is because she no longer has it.


The awareness of the problem of aging is accentuated at each of my birthdays


One more year at our age is one year less in our life, then is the birthday or mourning?


There is no old woman. Everything, at any age, if she loves, and if she is good, gives man the moment of the infinite.

Spending time with a person help you to know the interest of him. Know the reason when he is happy or when he is getting bored. Now you can wish him with a better style than others. Because you know how much happy he is with you and what he need for more happiness.

Each year helps to make us what we are.


After all, you must have a youth. The age when one decides to be young does not matter …


Such is the life of men. Some joys very quickly effaced by unforgettable birthdays.


To take years is not very serious, because every age has its pleasures and its happiness.


The essential thing for the happiness of life is what one has in oneself.


I know a way not to grow old: it is to welcome the years as they come and with a smile … a smile is always young.

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