Anger Quotes About Relationships To Control Anger

Most of us don’t have control on our anger. We can control when we know how to control our anger. Here we are providing some anger quotes which can help you to control your anger easily.

Anger can always harm you, it can destroy your relation within seconds. So you must have to know how to control it easily. There may be hundred of ways to control your anger. One of them is to count 1 to 100. You will surely calm down when you count from 1 to 100.


quotes about anger and frustration


First of all you must need to know the reason of why you geting angery. When you know which is  the reason which make you angry and out of your control. You need to remove those habits and change yourself.

Here is the list of anger quotes, you need to read these to remove your bad habits which make you anger. You can get rid from your anger by reading these awesome anger quotes.

List of Anger Quotes About Life and Relationships

Atrocious contradiction of the anger that is born of love and that kills love


He said all this, without raising his voice. He rarely raises his voice. His anger flourishes in a watertight box. When he is angry, he is the only one to know.


Woman is indeed the soup of man And when a man sees other men sometimes who want in his soup to dip their fingers, he immediately shows an extreme anger.

quotes about being angry at someone you love

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Hatred is the wrath of the weak.


The angry man may not be irascible: the irascible man can sometimes not be angry.


After so many days of tormenting oneself in silence, it was wonderful to finally release his anger.


It is by greasing your rifle with respect and for the gun and for the fat, it is counting your steps on the way of round, it is saluting your corporal and for the salvation that you prepare in you the illumination Of the sentinel – it is by pushing your chess pieces into the seriousness of the conventions of chess, it is by blushing with anger if your opponent cheats with the rule, that you prepare in you the illumination of the winner Of chess.


It has no taste, it has no smell, dawn, the child still nameless, still faceless. It arrives, it advances, it staggers, it moves away. She leaves a trail of rumors that open their eyes. It is lost in itself. And the angry day crushes a little star with his foot.

The slammed door is the exclamation point of the angry con.


King Henry: We are not a tyrant, but a Christian king, and our anger is subject to our leniency, just like the wretches put in irons in our prisons.


One day, they will be weary, one day they will be angry, needles of fire, masks of pitch and mustard, and the woman will rise, with dangerous hands, with eyes of perdition, with a body devastated, radiating to All the time. And the sun will flourish again, like the mimosa.


When the wallets are empty, he said, the brains are filled with anger and mud.


Lifted anchor, disappeared the shore, facing the empty horizon, feelings of anger and pity are as useless as a boat without a sail.


Do not allow yourself anything, as long as you are irritated: why? Because you’d like to give yourself everything. Fight yourself. If you can not conquer anger, it begins to overcome you.


What is blessed and incorruptible is not one’s own trouble or cause to another, so that it is not subject either to anger or favors, all this is encountered in what is low.


One always represses a passing fit of anger, when it translates a permanent and profound hatred.


Three things can only be recognized in three different places: boldness in peril, friend in need and wisdom in attacks of anger.


Your days of wrath, I will bind your hands in your back so that you do not hurt yourself, I will stick my mouth to yours to stifle your cries and nothing will ever be the same again, and if you are alone we will be alone in two .


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angry quotes about relationships


In the secret jungle of our unconscious, in this last refuge of a nature which we have subjected and dominated until almost exterminated, there are many wells that we have walled up. We must not be surprised, on the day when we want to reopen these wells to look for a flood of life, let it flow out of anger.


Too often anger is favorable to that which inflames it.


What interest does her life have now? I feel that he had to start very early to miss it. Always make the wrong choice. To be influenced by some, by others or, like that, by blows of heart and anger.


Who is not susceptible? Who can hear the critics smiling? Very few people are able to listen to a remark or reproach which engages their being without immediately feeling discontent, great displeasure, and anger against him who speaks to them.


“Yes,” thought she, “old age can serve that purpose, give its benevolence, because we no longer expect impatience and anger from things, which, not coming, make us angry with those who have them.

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