Wealth Quotes in the Great Gatsby

Wealth Quotes in the Great Gatsby

Money always effect everyday of our lives. We take money as wealth but may be it is. You can’t always say money is a wealth. Knowledge of health is  also counted as wealth. Health is also great wealth. No one can make you healthy if you ever become unhealthy due to carelessness. We will discuss here wealth quotes and different concepts of people about wealth.


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Alluring of wealth is the major fact which influence people to aspire it. Every one wants or desire to him richest in wealth. We are providing here a list of best wealth quotes for all to make it happen in their lives. Sometime you’ve a lot of wealth in your life but you never consider it. Like if you are a healthy person you never consider it. But the value of health can be known by a patient who spend his half of life on bed in a single room.Good Morning Images


Wealth Quotes in the Great Gatsby


Never consider only money as wealth. Its just a confusion in your life. Never matter absence or presence of money to spend a good life. Its just your mindset. If you’ve a positive mind and try to make you happy in every situation in your life. Nothing can make you disappoint.

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If you are hopeless no need to worry. Just read the beautiful sayings of famous motivational speakers. Read the wealth quotes of famous personalities to clear the concept of wealth. On my side I  just count happiness as wealth. You can make your own mind but never in negative. So read the list of wealth quotes here and change your mindset. HD Wallpaper

List Of Wealth Quotes

“Better wisdom than wealth.”


“Wealth illuminates mediocrity.”

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“Health is worth more than wealth.”


“Real wealth is discreet.”


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“Life is wealth, keep it.”


“Suffice makes wealth And lust makes poor.”


“Limit poverty without limiting wealth.”


“Better honor than shameful wealth.”


“Our wealth is our memories.”


“Ambiguity is a wealth.”


“Virtue is the only wealth.”


“Wealth not gained, faints.”


“Money is a dead wealth, children are a living wealth.”


“The amassed wealth is a stinky manure; The widespread wealth is a fertile fertilizer. “


“For heart debts, wealth is insolvent.”


“Wealth attracts friends, poverty, it selects them.”


More Wealth Quotes

wealth is not measured in money

“Wealth is a homeland for the exile.”


“God allows us to acquire wealth to do good.”


“Happy who has both wealth and reason.”


“What scourge is wealth united to ignorance!”


“The richness of the rose is its fragility.”


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“True wealth consists in being satisfied with little.”


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